Oils and Lubricants

The company is the first distributor and official distributor in Mongolia of the Mobil brand brand of Exxon Mobil, the world leader in quality and sales, imports and sells all types of special oils, lubricants and auto chemicals produced in South Korea and Russia.

We import and sell over 80 types of special oils and greases, including special oils, lubricants and special fluids of the world's leading brand Mobil by Exxon Mobil, large Russian factories in Angarsk, Omsk, Dzerzhinsk and Nizhny Novgorod, for cars, heavy equipment and industrial equipment.

Our special oils, lubricants and automotive chemicals are certified by accredited laboratories and sold through 4 wholesale points located in Ulaanbaatar, more than 360 petrol stations of Petrovis Group, more than 80 repair shops in Ulaanbaatar, large mining companies and thermal power plants.


  • The largest sales network for oils and lubricants in Mongolia.
  • We receive lubricants from foreign suppliers to our warehouse and sell them directly, so the cost is low and the quality is guaranteed.
  • We import and sell branded products of Exxon Mobil, the world leader in the production of special oils and greases, as well as all types of Russian-made oils, greases and special fluids.
  • Free transportation services for special oils and samsochny materials within Ulaanbaatar.
  • We have a dedicated warehouse with a capacity of approximately 1200 tons of specialty oils and lubricants.
  • Samples of products are analyzed and certified according to approved standards in an accredited laboratory for quality control of petroleum products
  • A professional company - specialists and mechanics in the field of oil and automotive technology, with many years of experience in the import and sale of special oils and lubricants in the oil industry.

We deliver contract purchases door to door for our corporate clients.

You can also choose from the following wholesalers and retailers near you.


Sales points Address and location Утас
Central warehouse Tolgoit warehouse NIC LLC, Songinokhairkhan District 7555-2696, 95292133
Sales point Tsaiz Gas station No. 13 of Petrovis LLC near the Tsaiz market, Bayanzurkh District 95292133
Point of sale Tolgoit Tolgoit warehouse NIC LLC, Songinokhairkhan District 95292133

Saled Point at Sun Road 

Tolgoit warehouse NIC LLC, Songinokhairkhan District 95292133


We sell through more than 400 Petrovis LLC gas stations located throughout the country.

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We are always open to cooperate with individuals and business entities supplying best quality products and services with flexible terms tailored to clients’ specific needs and requirements. 

If you need any inquiries on special oils and lubricants, and potential procurement and cooperative opportunities, please fill out the following questionnaire and send your inquiries. Thank you.

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