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We carry out wholesale of high-quality fuel that meets the needs of your organization on the most flexible terms, and we will always be open to cooperation on uninterrupted and reliable supplies.

We first introduced high-quality and advanced technological Euro-5 fuel into the consumption of Mongolian customers in 2016, and today we sell Euro-5 standard diesel fuel and gasoline of grades: AI92, AI95 and AI98 through our oil stations located throughout the country.


  • Reduces engine oil consumption and wear of parts, prolongs service life.
  • Complete combustion in the engine reduces vibration and noise, increases speed and power.
  • Low sulfur content protects injectors, valves and fuel equipment from wear and corrosion.
  • The pollution of filtering devices and fuel equipment will be reduced.
  • Due to the high light fraction, the car behaves well in the cold season.
  • Environmentally friendly: 40 times less sulfur than conventional diesel fuel. 30% less nitrogen oxides and 80% less other toxic compounds emitted from the engine.
  • Real savings: Fuel consumption will be reduced by 3%

Our company sells ordinary AI92 gasoline and ordinary diesel fuel that meet international and Mongolian standards and quality requirements, the most widely used in the domestic market, through the widest network throughout the country. Also, as part of social responsibility, we sell A-80 gasoline in certain places in accordance with the requirements of vehicles and equipment operated in difficult road conditions in remote soums and settlements.


  • The widest network in the country, located in 21 aimags and more than 320 soums of Mongolia
  • Quality products that meet standard requirements
  • Reliable storage and distribution system that meets Mongolian quality standards
  • Uninterrupted service based on capacious warehouses.

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We supply products that meet the needs of companies and organizations on the most flexible terms and will always be open to cooperation.

If you want to contact the department for the wholesale supply of all types of gasoline and diesel fuel and get information on cooperation, use the following link to send information.

Our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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