Delivery and Storage

When importing petroleum products, we adhere to the most reliable system of storage and transportation, we deliver to you, our dear customers, quality fuel, transported by our more than 300 tank trucks with a 24-hour GPS monitoring system, certified by the Department of Standardization and Metrology.

We have 11 warehouses with a capacity of more than 124 million liters, which can store 3-6 types of fuel throughout Mongolia. Our warehouses are located in strategic areas with developed infrastructure, such as strongholds in economic development regions and border ports.

  • The largest network of storage and reserves (11 warehouses of petroleum products with a capacity of more than 124 million liters, capable of storing 3-6 types of fuel)
  • 140 tank trucks with 24/7 GPS monitoring system certified by the Department of Standardization and Metrology.
  • 9 laboratories located in our own warehouses
  • A professional team that fully meets the requirements of technology and safety at all stages of storage, transportation, loading, and unloading, from fuel intake to delivery to consumers

We supply the highest quality petroleum products reliably and uninterruptedly 24/7 using the widest distribution network and approximately 360 filling stations located throughout the country.

In 2013, we put into operation the first fully automatic New Tolgoit oil storage facility in Mongolia with a capacity of 44 million liters, which meets international standards and is considered the largest in the country.

"New Tolgoit" is a warehouse with technological pipelines for receiving all types of fuel, a fully automated loading and unloading point, a concrete dam, a laboratory and a repair shop.


  • Wagon rack for simultaneous loading and unloading of 12 wagons

  • Pump station for loading and unloading wagons

  • Car control room

  • Overpass for loading 8 tank trucks

  • Pump station for loading tankers

  • Oil and water separation unit

  • Area of ​​water evaporation


  • This system is a perfect solution of Honeywell's system and has alarm software.

  • Honeywell's "XLS3000" fire alarm system is the latest automatic control system for maximum safety and works in conjunction with equipment such as gas or vapor detectors, flame detectors, heat and smoke detectors, and cooling and fire suppression devices that detect overflow, leakage and seepage.

  • The process piping system is equipped with equipment such as automatic valves, in-line pressure gauges and flow meters.

  • Timely reporting, processing and recording of measurement data during loading and unloading

  • The warehouse has a video surveillance system to monitor all its buildings, the cameras are in an explosion-proof steel case, with software monitoring and recording functions.

Dear customers, please contact the largest, most reliable, fully automatic oil storage facility at the following address.

Address: New Tolgoit warehouse, district No. 20, Songinokhairkhan district, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia.
PHONE (+976) 11-330505

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We are always open to cooperate with individuals and business entities supplying best quality products and services with flexible terms tailored to clients’ specific needs and requirements. 

If you want to contact the department for the wholesale supply of all types of gasoline and diesel fuel and receive information on cooperation, use the following link to send information.

Our responsible employee will contact you within 24 hours.

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