Gas Fuel

Unigas LLC is engaged in the installation of a system for the safe supply of petroleum gas to the largest chains of restaurants, shopping centers and industrial and service enterprises, supplies consumers with high-quality gas fuel.
  • We are suppliers of environmentally friendly products, the first ECO LABEL organization in Mongolia.
  • We supply technics, technologies and equipment that meet international standards, implemented in Japan and Korea.
  • All our product packages are covered by insurance
  • Experienced engineering team with high professional skills
  • Our gas fuel equipment fully ensures safe operation.
  • We provide regular promotional sales, maintenance, 24/7 call center, one-stop customer training and information services.
  • We carry out installation of gas supply, which comprehensively solves the problem of heat consumption of buildings
  • Corporate consumers: Our team is fully responsible for the security of major shopping malls and chain restaurants in Mongolia, supplying high quality gas fuel using the know-how of SAISAN, the leading gas fuel supply company in Japan.
  • Individual consumers: 11 branches located in Ulaanbaatar and 7 branches in other locations ensure an uninterrupted supply of high quality gas fuel to consumers.

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