The promotion program of Petrovis Group “Let's go for gifts 2” starts all over the country.

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The promotion program of Petrovis Group “Let's go for gifts 2” starts all over the country.

Petrovis Group has launched the “Let's go for gifts 2” promotion program for all its customers across the country. Between January and March of this year, the "Let's go for gifts" promotion program was implemented only for individual users of Ulaanbaatar, but this time it is announced again throughout the country at the request of customers.

As part of the previous program, 100,000 gifts reached their owners and 110 Super Gift winners were selected, this time the program will cover 300,000 gift recipients and 250 Super Gift winners will be selected.

For every 30,000 tugrug spent on fuel at the Petrovis gas station, you will receive a scratch card (privacy card with a scratch sector) and receive a gift on the spot as soon as you scratch in the right place.

Gifts include suede towels, eco-friendly pens, perfumes, cardholders, RedPoint glasses, work gloves, etc.

But if you scratch the card and get letters, 200 users who created the word QUALITY will win 100,000 MNT worth of fuel rights, and 50 users who created the word HIGH QUALITY will win MNT 1,000,000 worth of fuel rights.

The promotional program will operate throughout Mongolia from today until August 25, 2019.

This time, customers will get 300,000 gifts, and it is unique in that it is sold throughout the country.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce that you can now earn double Red Points based on the value of your purchases.

The promotion program is for individual users only, therefore corporate buyers and buyers using gas vouchers and Petrovis cards will not be covered.