Petrovis Coupons

For you, we sell Refueling Coupons as a highly confidential, secure banknote substitute in 3 denominations: "10,000", "20,000" and "50,000".

When visiting more than 360 petrol stations of Petrovis Group located throughout the country, you can purchase fuel using 3 types of coupons with a face value of  MNT "10,000", "20,000" and "50,000".

  • A means of payment that can completely replace cash when buying fuel
  • Regular discounts
  • Choose from 3 types to suit your needs
  • Neon lights, holograms, and a lot of other high-level privacy features, including line and text images on specialty securities.
  • A low-risk payment instrument ideal for allocation to company vehicles and vehicles.

If you, as a customer, need to regularly use coupons for the needs of your organization or company, you can contact the Petrovis headquarters or our oil supply branch in the relevant aimag for cooperation by signing an agreement.

But if you would like to use fuel vouchers for your individual needs, please choose one of the following locations near you.


  • Petrovis Headquarters, Card Center
  • Gas station-9 /opposite the Bayanzurkh Auto Transport Bureau/
  • Gas station-10 /along the road to Auto Transport Bureau 22, behind the road to Monos University/
  • Gas station-12 /at the crossroads to the airport and Central aimag/
  • Gas station-31 /on the main road to Nalaikh District/


  • Arkhangai aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Bayan-Ulgii aimag, Oil supply branch
  • Bayankhongor aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Baganuur Oil Supply Branch
  • Govi-Altai aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Darkhan-Uul aimag, Oil supply branch
  • Dornod aimag, Oil supply branch
  • Dornogovi aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Govsumbur aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Zavkhan aimag, Oil supply branch
  • Orkhon aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Umnugovi aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Uvurkhangai aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Sukhbaatar aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Tuv aimag, Oil Supply Branch
  • Khuvsgul aimag, Oil supply branch
  • Khovd aimag, Oil supply branch
  • Uvs aimag, Oil supply branch

Please contact by 70110808 and 11-330505 . (+976) 70110808, 11330505 for more information on the sale of Refueling coupons.

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We supply products that meet the needs of companies and organizations on the most flexible terms and will always be open to cooperation.

If you need to buy fuel coupons, get information on cooperation, fill out the following questionnaire and send your requests. Thank you.

Our representative will contact you within 24 hours.


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